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2022 Stralight PTZ Camera Dahua SD59225U-HNI

2022 Stralight PTZ Camera Dahua SD59225U-HNI,Dahua SD59225U-HNI is a starlight clever network PTZ cam, it uses streamlined actors aluminum real estate sturdy style, the cam adopts 1/2 .8″ 2Megapixel STARVIS ™ CMOS to deliver 1080p complete HD (2MP) resolution photos, selects aperture F1 .5 huge lens, maximum support 30x optical zoom and 25x digital zoom. In regards to cam user interface, the video camera has abundant user interface includes Analog video clip output, network RJ45 port, 7CH Alarm Inputs and 2CH Alarm Outcomes, in addition to 1CH Audio I/O. Additionally, the camera has SD card interface to support optimal 128G on-board storage.

SD59225U-HNI 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Cam

> 1/2 .8″ 2Megapixel STARVIS ™ CMOS
> Effective 25x optical zoom
> Starlight technology
> H. 265 Encoding
> Max. 50/60fps@1080P
> Auto-tracking and IVS
> Support PoE+.
> IR range approximately 150m.
> IP66.

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Concerning Dahua.
Dahua Modern technology firm is the No. 2 leading maker in China, the business focuses on security video camera devices and also make anything from the standard residence system to the business security system. The majority of Dahua products go to the budget-end of the marketplace, yet they manage to preserve adequate top quality in their products to be able to take on a few other worldwide brands.

SD59225U-HNI Combined with deep-learning algorithm

Combined with a deep-learning algorithm, stereo analysis can recognise event patterns, such as falls and other movement-based behaviours, such as people approaching, the detection of an abnormal number of people in an area, and violent behaviour.

In nursing and care homes, stereo analysis cameras can help staff monitor residents, in case of emergency and respond to residents’ problems, such as tripping and falls. The cameras can view all three dimensions of subjects and together with its deep-learning algorithm, can immediately alert staff to any unusual or sudden movement, such as would be evident in a fall.


SD59225U-HNI Specific Pan & Tilt Cruise.

Frying pan & Tilt as the core elements of network PTZ dome electronic camera, it is likewise the crucial factor why PTZ dome cam is made up a lot of the market share in commercial video security applications. As the essential component of PTZ dome camera, it presents the innovative modern technology of motor mechanical structure and control, it’s the driving power to frying pan & tilt cam. The smooth running of pan & tilt turning depends on whether the equipped electric motor’s performance is superb. Currently, the widely used motors consist of 2 kinds: DC electric motor as well as Stepper electric motor. All the dome cams in this test adopt stepper motors, stepper electric motor works establish its pulse checking can be driven below the distinct control systems. To rotate the video camera from one placement to another position, at a constant rate, only requires to determine the difference of number of actions between both locations. Due to this turning style, PTZ electronic camera is suitable for large area video monitoring.


SD59225U-HNI High Clarity in Genuine Tracking Scene.

In real-time tracking scene, the modifications of setting may bring some difficulties to network speed dome cam. Such as fog, solid light, rain-storm and so on, these 4 PTZ cams are able to withstand/overcome the severe problems to supply hd video.

SD59225U-HNI Low Illumination Performance.

Low lighting is one of important aspects to judge security video camera performance. Put network cameras into dark box, as we by hand reduce the lighting to inspect the threshold value when video cameras change image mode from shade to monochrome. Among them, Dahua and also Uniview, along with Tiandy have much better efficiency, When Dahua network electronic camera works in minimal illumination is 0.00 Lux ( actual Lux is in the variety of 0.001 – 0.009 Lux) condition, the camera still can capture clear pictures, as well as virtually no picture sound, its reduced lighting efficiency is outstanding.

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